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Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find an answer to your question?  Send an email to!

How do I get started?

First, email me ( to schedule a free 15-min consultation to see if we're a good fit.  If we are, the next step is a comprehensive intake evaluation so I can get to know you better and customize your treatment plan.  Your treatment plan will likely involve either group therapy (8 weeks), individual therapy (variable length of time), or both.  I will work collaboratively with you to figure out what will best meet your needs and lifestyle.


Do you do telehealth or in-person visits?

I provide telehealth (video) visits on a HIPAA-compliant platform for maximum accessibility and convenience.  There are currently no in-person appointments available.


Do you take insurance?

I do not take insurance.  If you wish, you may contact your insurance to ask about reimbursement options for my services and I can provide you with a superbill.  Some clients have also used HSA cards for payment.


What are your privacy practices?

I respect and prioritize your privacy, and use secure HIPAA-compliant systems (i,e., for email, video, surveys, record keeping, etc.) to protect your confidentiality.  


What if I need immediate help?

I am not always able to respond to emails immediately; if you have an urgent need or are at risk, I recommend one or more of the following options available 24/7:

      - Call 911

      - Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (988)

      - Text HOME to 741741

Let's work together!

If you're ready to schedule a free consultation, or if you have further questions,
please reach out!  I'm here for you.  👉

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