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do you struggle with...

Feeling out of control with food?

Wanting to listen to your body, but not sure you can trust it?

Thinking about food constantly?

Feeling guilty for eating?

Feeling sick of diets, and wishing there were a better way?

there is a better way!

I know what it's like to obsess over food every single day. 

For years I thought I was "addicted" to food, when in reality I had developed an eating disorder.  Recovery was not an easy road.  It took a lot of trust, self-awareness, and realizing that "the perfect diet" was incompatible with my most important values - and didn't even exist! 

Healing my relationship with food, myself, and my body has brought me more peace, richer relationships, more joy, and better health - mentally and physically.

And it can do the same for you!

As a clinical health psychologist, I have years of training and experience helping people overcome issues with overeating, emotional/stress eating, binge eating, and moreUsing evidence-based methods such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and intuitive eating, I can teach you how to enjoy eating as one of the many good things in life, without letting it inhibit your life.

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